Wood Siding Installation in Houston

Faded, cracked, peeling, rotted-out wood siding doesn’t even hint at its original glory or potential. Not only is it visually drab, but the likelihood is the interior beneath is being jeopardized. Weakened wood is primed for water seepage, water damage, and mold. To stop it in its tracks, call Texas Contracting & Installation’s capable wood siding installers at (281) 251-6001 now.

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Texas Contracting & Installation: Expert Wood Siding Company

The ideal wood siding contractor has to be multi-talented and flexible. When an exterior featuring or centered upon wood is considered for a new property, Texas Contracting & Installation staff can provide valuable input about various products, costs, and availability. 

If your existing wood siding is a little worse for wear, we are prepared for one of two actions. In certain instances, our wood siding installers can place new siding directly atop the old, sparing you the expense and mess of removal. Other times total removal is imperative when the wood has suffered water infiltration.

Trustworthy Advice from a Professional Wood Siding Contractor

In all three above scenarios, a meeting with our team of experts will clarify the best path forward. Our inspection and assessment service determines our estimate for you, and from there, we sign a mutually agreed upon contract that nails everything down. With the details ironed out soon, beautiful and perfectly installed wood siding will reinvigorate your facade and increase property value.

With everything arranged, our reliability, skill-set, and hard work ethic will soon be on display.

Wood and Cedar Siding Installation

We arrive onsite as scheduled and remain exclusively committed to your project through to its completion. Our goals are to bring your vision to light and make certain every step of your wood or cedar siding installation guarantees its ultimate performance. Every measurement and attachment will be precise and secure. Only properly installed wood siding will live up to its reputation, and we want you to simply enjoy the craftsmanship we deliver.

The wood qualities we most want you to benefit from are:

  • Outstanding durability, particularly in cedar siding
  • Installation that allows ease of painting or staining should you enjoy switching things up on occasion
  • Boosted insulation that reduces energy consumption
  • Classic beauty that increases over time and enriches curb appeal
  • Styling versatility that can create the look of several types of home, from the turn of the century style wood siding installation (lap) to log cabin (rounded), to Cape Cod (shingles), to trendy, modern Shou Shugi Ban, a technique that chars wood black for striking effect and a lifespan up to 80 years
  • Easy maintenance

We want your project added to all the wood siding exteriors we’ve been fortunate to add to the Houston landscape. We love producing each client’s unique aesthetic, so share yours with us soon!

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Installing wood siding is a complex procedure. For any wood or cedar siding installer to be successful, they must be determined to deliver an excellent finished product. It’s our company policy to do only that. Call us at (281) 251-6001 to book a first meeting now.