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Texas Contracting & Installation is the best siding resource in and around Tomball. The most qualified and reliable siding contractor in town. The biggest selection of siding and related product knowledge. Informed advice and solutions from licensed, certified siding service specialists.

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Texas Contracting & Installation: Your Dependable Siding Contractor

Home and business owners can count on us for high-quality service across the board. Connect with us and we can take care of everything. It starts with an appointment for a close inspection of the current siding, so we can assess its condition.

We can then explain the best avenue forward, be it repair, partial replacement or full removal of the old and new installation. We don’t waste time pushing unnecessary services or products. Within a day, we calculate the realistic estimate and get prepared to move forward.

Strong Siding Services

For replacements or installations, we help with the selection process if so desired. Our top-level technicians are true siding experts and will differentiate between the different features, output and costs of each kind that catches your interest. We will work within your style and budget for the optimal choice.

We are a source of endless information about classic and innovative siding available right now in the marketplace, including:

  • Fiber cement
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Wood and engineered wood
  • Stucco, stone, and brick
  • Steel

Ask us about different finishes, sealants, colors, styles—we happily field all questions.

Business and House Siding Company

We arrive on time and get straight to work, either priming a new build for installation or stripping old siding and packing it for disposal. Our tools, equipment, and parts are as clean and current as our technique. In will go insulation and vapor barriers and on will go new siding, with precision and concentration.

When the project is complete, we’ll do a final walk-through with the client to make sure they are completely satisfied with what they see. Clients are left knowing their biggest investments are at no risk from the elements.

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Aside from installs, we offer a maintenance plan to all of Tomball’s property owners. Keeping an eye on the condition of your siding will catch problems as they begin before much damage can arise.

Texas Contracting & Installation maintenance includes that kind of inspection and cleaning. We are available to paint or apply a sealant to tired-looking, faded siding. We always carry spare parts and equipment for common siding repairs. Also, we provide full gutter service, downspouts, gutter guards, and whatever water drainage assistance an exterior could need.

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We are eager to help build up your property value and curb appeal with high-quality siding that helps keep your house or business warm in winter, cool in summer, dry in the rain, and UV-protected while boosting the overall look of your facade.

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