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Wood Siding Repair

After the initial investment into wood siding, repairs can feel like a painful hit to the pocketbook. It doesn’t have to be. Texas Contracting & Installation wood siding contractors are so experienced they work with the pedal to the metal, saving you in labor. Our fully stocked inventory of equipment will save you in parts purchasing too! Call us now at (281) 251-6001 to start your repairs with our fantastic team of wood siding contractors.

Texas Contracting & Installation: A Real Wood Siding Company for Repairs

Because the initial investment can be so hefty with wood and cedar siding, repairs are often tempting to ignore. Wood siding being as sturdy as it is, what real harm can it cause if not working at one hundred percent? Here it is important to see the bigger picture.

When small problems are ignored at the outset, you can guarantee they will not stay frozen in time. To the contrary, those little breaks, holes, or loose boards increasingly deteriorate siding, exposing your interior walls and making your property vulnerable to severe damage. Worse, the window for business or house wood siding repairs might close altogether, forcing a more time-consuming and financially straining partial or complete replacement.

Calling Texas Contracting & Installation for wood siding repair specialists is a step toward prevention.

When to Call Wood and Cedar Siding Contractors

Remember, don’t let too much time pass if you suspect your wooden exterior may be compromised in one or more areas or ways. Our perceptive and trusted inspectors can assess your wood siding to expose all areas needing repair. After a consultation together, we will provide an estimate and get right to restoring your wood to its original strength and beauty. Our most common repairs circle around the following problems:

  • Insect infestation
  • Dry and wet rot
  • Paint stripping
  • Color fading
  • Cracks
  • Split boards
  • Wood softening
  • Damage at the base
  • Damage at the windows
  • Dirt and moss

These are just what’s visible on the surface. Our wood and cedar siding contractors will inspect beneath the surface for water infiltration and other signs of damage. Call to book an appointment in the next few days.

Wood Siding Company Services

Our competitive quotes can extend to include a wide array of services crafted by our skilled wood siding contractors. These complex procedures include:

  • Sealant selection and application
  • Leak repair
  • Vapor barrier repair
  • Replacing fasteners
  • Soffit and fascia repair
  • Cedar siding repair
  • Shutter and balcony repair
  • Partial board replacement
  • Full wood replacement
  • Wood siding maintenance

Experienced with boards, shakes, and shingles, our versatile team is the only team you’ll need for all your wood siding repair needs.

Book an Inspection or Ask Any Question About Wood Siding Now!

It is our absolute pleasure to assist our community in any way we can to make their wood siding exterior all it can be. Property owners deserve their wood siding exteriors to live up to all they promise in terms of quality, function, and appearance. Call (281) 251-6001 now for the expert attention your wood siding needs.

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